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Green Alchemy Farm NOFA-NY/USDA Certified ORGANIC Grass-Fed Beef

New for 2013!
Looking for a local, healthy source of MEAT?
Green Alchemy is a organic farm producing 100% organic beef and butchered at an organic butcher.
We can supply you with a superior product that is produced at our family farm in Kutztown.

~ Sold Locally ~

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We have chosen  Full-Blood Limousin Cattle to produce our delicious, tender beef because this breed has a number of special
qualities.( The most important is their high feed conversion efficiency on grass
with a Higher than average dressing % (ratio of carcuss to live weight) and YIELD (ratio of meat to carcuss), producing a tender,
lean meat. The cattle are raised their whole life on Green Alchemy Farm and graze on our Organic Pastures, which
are NEVER subjected to  tainting by GMO seed or by chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilizers!!! This is
what separates us from the ALL Natural label that means absolutely NOTHING! Our cattle are managed by us, licensed
veterinarians, to minimize parasitic burdens and disease ORGANICALLY, not naturally which means a farmer can use
chemical wormers, antibiotics and other Corporate pharmaceuticals. Moreover, we butcher our cattle at an ORGANIC butcher
who will not spoil our 2 years of work during their work. Also, our butcher will hang the beef for 3 weeks to optimize the
tenderness and flavor you desire from a quality Organic  BEEF CUT.

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