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All Natural Skin and Body Care Products

At Green Alchemy Farm, we produce the finest handmade bodycare products to nourish and care for your skin. Each product
contains the most natural and organic ingredients from sustainable, environmentally friendly sources. Our soaps, lotions, oils,
and lip balms all contain our certified organic, healing sunflower oil and thoughtfully chosen ingredients to suit the purpose and
personality of the product. Our products also include all natural essential oils that not only stimulate your senses but calms
your soul.

All Natural Goat Milk Soaps
We are very proud to offer our handmade, nourishing, moisturizing goat milk soaps . Made with Organic Shea Butter, Organic
Aloe Vera, our Organic Sunflower Oil, All Natural Coconut oil,  handmade Organic essential oils, and hand milked goat milk
from our Sanaan goats, these soaps will nourish you from the outside in! Each bar is made, cut, and packaged  diligently, by
hand, with the greatest care and love in the soap we are selling to you. Want a large, customized order? Email us and we can
make soap just for you that will be ready in the next few weeks. We offer a wide range of scents from soothing to stimulating.
Visit our store to order your soaps.

All Natural Lip Balms ~ Coming Soon!
Do you have chapped lips? Or maybe just ones needing a little protection. We have all the handmade lip balms to suit your
needs. Made with all natural Mango butter,  organic Aloe vera, organic Shea butter, our organic Sunflower oil, all natural
Beeswax and Coconut oil, vitamin E, and organic flavors your lips will be feeling their best in no time.

All Natural Body Creams ~ Coming Soon!
Coming Soon, we will have available nourishing, moisturizing body creams to heal and rejuvenate your skin. Made with organic
Aloe Vera, organic Avocado oil, organic Shea butter, our organic Sunflower oil, organic Jojoba oil, all natural Almond oil, and all
natural handmade essential oils, these creams with be perfect to slather on anytime. Infused with carrot and aloe vera extracts
these lotions will give tender loving care to even the driest most chapped skin. You can purchase these creams at our store,
when available.

All Natural Body Oils ~ Coming Soon!
Coming Soon, we will be introducing a line of exquisite body oils. Infused with vitamin E and botanical extracts these oils will
heal, replenish, and soften wherever your skin needs most nourishing. Made with mixtures of organic, unique oils these body
oils with leave you with more than just a love affair. To find more information and/or purchase your body oils, visit our store.

***This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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