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Green Alchemy Farm receives 2010 SARE Farmer Grant for Comparison of Incorporated and
Non-incorporated Cover-cropping in an Oil Sunflower to Fuel Project!!

Green Alchemy Farm is at the forefront of Organic Sunflower production to help maximize yields, weed
suppression,and producing the most healthful and nutritious sunflower oil around.
Green Alchemy Farm also powers all their equipment with renewable and
carbon neutral vegetable oil fuels.

We grow ORGANIC oil - seed sunflower seeds for seed and oil.


Organic with incorporation
of cover crops.
Winter Rye prior to
Rye with field pea
green manure.
Macchio Rotovator
Level bed for future
sunflower planting.
Farmall C with fast hitch. Early Sunflower growth -
Farmall C
Operating on alcohol.
Stand of organic Sunflowers. Vegetative oil Sunflower. R-2 Sunflower Full bloom sunflower.
R-8 to R-9 Physiological maturity. John Deere 653A Row
crop header.
Harvest time.
Combining Seed cleaning. 2009 Proseed Nusun variety.  Ready to harvest.
Augered clean seed. Bin over Press. Taby oil press type 55 Canola, sunflower, soybean,
flax, Carmelina
Organic with non-incorporation
of cover crops
Instructions Roll-down technique. Rye in anthesis.

Oil-seed Sunflower Production consultation for the Organic Farmer at $100/hour plus mileage:
1. Detailed education of incorporated and non-incorporated cover cropping
2. Seed sources and discussion of hybrid trials in Pennsylvania
3. Planting,cultivation,harvesting,cleaning and pressing of oil-seed sunflowers
4. Press types and manufacturers
5. Sunflower types ie Polyunsturated(high linolenic) vs Nusun vs High oleic varieties and role as food or fuel
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