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Green Alchemy Farm Wind

Green Alchemy has been deeply involved in small wind systems for many years. We have been educated on the many facets
of wind power as a renewable resource: wind site evaluation, tower types, turbine varieties (and how to make a educated
comparison), local ordinances, proper lightening protection and balance of system equipment.

On Green Alchemy Farm, we have rebuilt and installed a 3K,110 volt, DC Jacobs Wind Machine. In 2008, thanks to Tom Hill
(now deceased) a pioneer in experimental wind power right here in Berks Co., Pa., Green alchemy obtained this vintage
American wind turbine. Tom had marketed Dakotas, and some Jakes as well as building his own experimental models in the
70's. With his knowledge and guidance, we were able to refurbish this 110v Jacobs wind machine which had fallen from a 70'
tower in the 70's somewhere in Vermont. We had to straighten the shaft by eliminating an inch, and machining the existing
shaft. The Armature windings were checked for damage and coated. The commutator was in good shape and new carbon
brushes were installed at the acceptable angle. The Field poles and coils were checked for viable function and then positive
and negative leads were re-soldered for proper connection. The end and forward bell frames' sealed bearings were replaced
and the whole generator was reassembled. The tail was reconstructed from an old aluminum road sign from the original
pattern, powder-coated painted, and bolted to the existing Jake tail frame. The non-original 3 sitka spruce propellers were
painted and balanced by starting with the heaviest propeller. The propellers were fitted into the newly rebuilt blade activated
governor, different from the original fly ball mechanism, and function checked. The turbine's saddle assembly with ball
bearings was greased and checked. The wiring slip rings and tower connectors were checked with attachment to existing stub
tower. The three-legged stub tower was custom fitted to a 4-legged stand-alone tower that was commercially available from a
local Pennsylvania water -pumping business. The Jake was placed on a 30' tower with appropriate footers to first establish
proper function. My final plan is to install this turbine at a 100' and grid-interting to one of the existing 48 volt Solar PV system
with battery bank and 5548 Xantrex trace inverter. We will plan to use the new Midnite Solar MPPT charge controller, the Classic,
which is the first MPPT for wind. The Midnite Solar Clipper will be incorportaed as the control box.

Click the photos below for more information.

Tilt up wind tower. Tilt-up tower cables . Grounding of all cables. View from the bottom.
Jacobs Wind machine. DC generator. Voltage build up. Jacob's shaft.
Jake's armature. Remachined. The Fields. The Jake Armature.
Jake from behind. Turbine shaft. Saddle. Proper angle of carbon brushes.
Brush angle gauge. Sand down carbon brushes
for proper contact.
Test spin. Blade activated governor.
Blade activated governor. Blade balancer. Lead weight. Homepower article by
Mick Sagrillo.
  Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. Completed Jake.  
Green Alchemy will serve as a Wind consultant Rates: $100/hour plus mileage
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