Limousin Cattle

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The history of Limousin cattle is ancient and leads one to respect the long journey to the development of the quality of this special beef breed. Limousin cattle excells in producing genetically leaner beef, lower saturated fat, lower cholesterol than other beef, but no more than chicken, pork, or other meats. Limousin beef has been rated by universities above its competition in tenderness, juiciness without all the fat and calories.

However, the Limousin beef breed shines also at the farm. Limousin cattle have shown unparalleled Calving Ease Advantage. Here at Green Alchemy Farm, we have never had to help during calving, even in the first-calf heifers. Limousin cattle are known for their Maternal Efficiency. When designing any profitable cross-breeding system, Limousins are unsurpassed in providing muscle growth efficiency. With the purchase of our starter herd from Jim Robison in Oley, PA, we initially used JRRC Harvest Olympus semen in our herd for his calmness and growth efficiency. Now we incorporate full-blood Limousin bull semen from a number of bulls, including Krugerand, Special K, and Hanchon — all kept alive in our liquid nitrogen tank.

At Green Alchemy farm, we chose these Full-Blood Limousins because of their incredible growth on grass. Limousin beef’s double muscling is fine grained with the small marbling in the meat which enhances flavor and denotes quality. Within our Organic Grass-Fed Beef System, you will see no paralleled cattle breed. We will have breeding heifers available periodically for sale as replacement heifers. They will be mature and bred to a full-blood Limousin bull. If you have interest, feel free to contact us for availability.

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