Green Alchemy has explored the past use of water power in Pennsylvania. Locally, in Berks County, at the turn of the of the 20th century there were perhaps 60 different patents on water turbines. The Francis water turbine was especially common in the Pennsylvania German “Dutch” mills. This low-head turbine was perfect for the high flow/ low head streams of the area. “Head” referring to the vertical drop from water level to water level. Many millers built ponds fed by streams which fed to the Francis turbine by a “mill race” and ran till pond reserves were depleted and started when reserves were restored. Today, we want to use the water power to produce electricity to power our farms and houses locally OR grid-inter tied and fed back onto the electrical grid.

Green Alchemy has used a Jack Rabbit 2 4volt propeller underwater turbine to power a battery driven 24 volt water pump to supply water for our Full Blood Limousin cattle.The most exciting development is our refurbishment of a Leffel Francis turbine patented in the mid 1800’s.This turbine will be installed locally as a grid-tied system.

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Green Alchemy will serve as a Hydro consultant to test potential hydro site. Rates: $100/hour plus mileage.

Hydro Site Evaluation:

  1. Stream / water site legality: Fish commission requirements, local conservation authority oversite, DEP rules and regulation, army corps of engineers role
  2. Stream volume and velocity determination
  3. Stream “head” or drop determination
  4. Stream “power potential”
  5. Best turbine and system design from projected power source
  6. Seasonal variation of water potential and system components to adapt to this variation
  7. Grants and search