NOFA-NY/USDA Certified Organic Sunflower Products

Not available in 2022

We grow NOFA-NY/USDA Certified ORGANIC oil – seed sunflower seeds for seed and oil.

A 500ml, corked & waxed, bottle of our pure sunflower filled with GOLDEN solar energy can be purchased & delivered right to your home!

Available soon – Hot Pepper / Garlic Flavored Sunflower Oil Bottle – Inquire about availability at Green Alchemy Farm.

About Green Alchemy Farm Sunflower Oil

At Green Alchemy Farm we offer the purest, unfiltered, certified organic sunflower oil (see Sunflower Production) with all its health benefits. Sunflower oil is non-genetically modified and is slow pressed to extract every ounce of nutty flavor. Sunflower oil is low in saturated fat and has an incredible “Golden” color that emits all that solar energy that the plants once absorbed. Our sunflower oil is “Raw” and unfiltered so you can taste what Mother Nature intended for us to taste.

All the oil-seed sunflowers are grown and harvested on our small Berks County farm in the heart of Pennsylvania Deutsch country.

It has become increasingly clear that sunflower oil is healthy for our cardiovascular system. It contains ample amounts of Vitamin E (NuSun has 488 – 688 mg/kg or ppm) and high levels of the essential fatty acids (or polyunsaturated fats which our body needs). These essential fatty acids cannot be produced from within our bodies. They must be derived from our diet. The reason we need these polyunsaturated fats is because they tend to lower our cholesterol levels. By reducing our cholesterol, we lessen the likelihood of developing heart disease.

In terms of saturated fat content, sunflower oil is nearly as lacking as Canola oil. To compare, NuSun oil has approximately 9% saturated fat while butter oil contains 64% saturated fat. In response to growing health concerns about food products, many food manufacturers have begun replacing ingredients that are high in trans fat with sunflower oil. Phytosterols are of interest because of their properties for lowering cholesterol and inhibiting the deterioration of frying oils.