Samuel Yoder

Sam Yoder

Samuel Yoder VMD has had a passion and been integrally involved in educating, facilitating and promoting renewable Energy and sustainable living his whole life. Samuel grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania and as a kid took down old wind pumeer towers and carved his own wood blades for a home-made turbine. Renewable energy was put on hold as he attended and graduated suma cum lauda from Muhlenberg College in 1982 with a BS in Chemistry and Biology. In 1986 he graduated suma cum laude from The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School with a VMD. Internship in Veterinary Ambulatory at The New York State School of Veterinary Medicine was completed by Samuel In 1987. Samuel and his wife Annemarie founded and built from scratch Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic in 1988. They both moved to Samuel’s family farm and started their long goal to self-sufficiency. They both operate an organic farm, growing most of their own food, generating most of their electricity from PV and wind, and powering cars and tractors with biofuels.

In 2005, Samuel and Annemarie were the inspirational Founders of the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival. They were integral, also, in creating the 501C3 Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association (MAREA) that sponsors the festival. They hoped to facilitate change by educating the general public on key GREEN issues. Samuel has spoken widely at energy and organic farming organizations and has succeeded in promoting a widening perception of green issues in the mid-Atlantic States. Both left the MAREA in 2010 because of differing opinions on future goals, and started GREEN ALCHEMY, a special organization driven to continue the support for self-empowering the individual and community NOT the Green-Washed corporate establishment.

Samuel and Annemarie LIVE what they preach and are not burdened by hypocrisy which so often destroys an organization’s integrity. Samuel plans to continue his quest for a better world with incisive talks, community energy projects, like a local currency based on the KWH, and of course, the self-empowerment of the individual.